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The Story of Our Foundation

Here, you will learn much more about our foundation; how it started, how it runs and why we care. 

“Despite good grades and an unstoppable will to learn, I could not afford to go to university. This is what motivated me to create BC-Bright Course.” – Mr Tony


My name is Ahmad Fatoni, or Mr Tony for short, and I am the founder of the BC-Bright Course Foundation. Like many people in Lombok I come from a family who struggled their whole life to afford the basics; food, water, shelter and a good education. Because of this I was extremely motivated to learn. 

I studied very hard my whole life determined to improve life for my current and future family. I figured out that if I learned English I would have many more opportunities to work and generate more money. At 18 years old I was the top of my classes, passing all grades at an exceptionally high level. Despite good grades and an unstoppable will to learn, I could not afford to go to university. My father tried his best but simply could not afford to help me get a degree.

It is for this reason, I decided to dedicate my life to educating young students to master the art of English – so they can have a brighter future. I didn’t want to see other people suffer from bad education just because they did not have money! Everybody has a right to do their best.

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The story of our school.


With very little money, but a lot of desire, we began teaching English in 2007 outdoors with no school building or materials… for free! We had only 3 students. By 2008 the students began to bring books and pens, and we managed to buy a whiteboard. By 2010 we had accumulated over 80 students and began the construction of our first class room.

Using donations from the parents of the students who greatly appreciated our generous efforts to teach their children, we we’re able to complete the first class room by 2011.

With many struggles for my own wife and children, and working together with the parents of our students, we had a full building complete with two student-sleeping rooms and two class-rooms by 2015.

As word spread about our foundation, more and more students began to join us. At this time, we were now able to offer students from all over Lombok to come and study with us – staying and living here. By 2017-2018 we had over 150 students across 3-types of classes teaching; English, Hospitality and Tourism.

We are proud to say that we have successfully taught 100s of students English, and have countless students now working good paying jobs in Hotels and Restaurants in Senggigi, Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, Lombok and Bali.



This is why we work. This is why we dedicate our lives to education. This is why we care. This is why we love. Join us in contributing to our children’s brighter future so that everyone in Lombok can enjoy the life they deserve.


 – All Our Love, Mr Fatoni & Mrs Hendra