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Trekking Rinjani via Kawangan – Central Lombok

Experience the virgin route to climb Rinjani mountain from Central Lombok with pure nature, rain forest, and views.

Mount Rinjani Trekking via Kawangan – Central Lombok

Mount Rinjani is the second highest mountain in Indonesia, it 3726 m altitude. many people/travelers love to climb Rinjani because it has unique treks and all bout nature. When you want to climb it, it recommended to bring your best camera to explore and capture every single best view that you will find during your trek. you will cross the thick rain forest for 4 (four) hours, but don’t worry no dangerous animal you will find, along your way you will be spoiled by bird singing and rain forest atmosphere.

Kawangan Rinjani has been named based on the history of one of the kingdom in 14th century covered the area (northern part of central Lombok), the king name was Panji and his wife’s name wan Dewi, They loved to hunt deers, birds, and wild boars every week. They most time spent one week hunting in rain forest of Kawangan with some of his troops and made little party over there. and of course they brought home and share to the people.

Tour description

Day 1 

After a good night of sleep at BC Center or the guide’s house, you’ll have breakfast around 5:30am. An hour ride by motorbike through rice fields, banana trees, cotton trees and coffee plantations will bring you to the base camp. From there you’ll start your amazing journey in the rain forest. Admire monkeys, flowers and birds during the 4 hour walk to Pondok Raden (the beautiful lunch spot). On the way, you’ll cross rivers and be able to stop and refresh at any time to breathe or just enjoy the birds singing. Porters will provide regular coffee and tea breaks with biscuits or fruit to re-energize you as it is a challenging trek, so you will need the energy. 

In Pondok Raden enjoy a good cooked meal with rice or noodles that the team will kindly prepare for you, over the fire. Take a nap before continuing your journey. As you leave the forest, you’ll be blown away by a breathtaking view of the mountain. The guides will lead you across impressive volcanic landscapes and spectacular scenery. The constantly changing panoramic views will give you many photo opportunities. The numerous breaks during the 4-5 hour hike will allow you to appreciate the serenity and greatness of Mount Rinjani. 

On the final stretch of your trek you’ll arrive at Geres; a water spring where monkeys are regularly spotted playing around. One final rest under the trees before a well earned diner at the campsite. While the staff prepares your dinner, you’ll be able to sit and enjoy a wonderful sunset over Lombok Island and Bali’s mountains. Way above the clouds, you’ll probably feel like on the top of the world. 

After so much emotion, experience perfect serenity and peace while watching the stars, the moon and the milky way. The good night of sleep ahead of you will be necessary to recover from your climb. 


Day 2 (two)

The following morning you’ll wake up early (5am) to catch the sunrise over the caldeira (crater). As the sun rises it will slowly illuminate the landscape to reveal  the lake Segara Anak with Gunung Barujari in the middle . Take photos and stay as long as you want to discover the surroundings with a brand new light. Enjoy the perfect silence and solitude of a morning at the top of the world. 

After breakfast and refreshments make sure to tie your shoes tight for the steep, swift descent . It takes approximately 5-6 hours to  reach the base camp again. Many breaks with food will be provided like the first day. Some black monkeys can be spotted in this forest so stay alert when going down. 



  • Time: 2 days / 1 night 
  • distance : 19km 
  • base camp: 600m 
  • highest point: 2700m
  • elevation : 2100m


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